Know when observations are possible and convenient

Stargazer provides suggestions for when there are good conditions for stargazing, based on a 5 days 3 hours interval forecast provided by OpenWeather. For general weather forecasts you can use Abiro Weather.

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If From or To is left blank actual Sunset and Sunrise (+/- Margin) will be used as time window. A clear sky is no doubt the most important condition, but low temperature and strong wind can be more or less important as well based on your clothing and equipment, so change them based on their relevance to you.

Time (hours)From: To: Margin:
Cloud cover (%)Highest:
Temperature (˚C)Lowest:
Wind speed (m/s)Highest:
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Times are local as per the given time zone.

Time zoneSunsetSunriseMoonriseMoonsetPhaseBrightness %
221:5504:2223:2203:41 full moon99
Here are suitable occasions for stargazing!
TimeWeatherCloud cover %Temperature ˚CWind speed m/s
Monday 24 Jun 23:00 Clear, clear sky013.840.53
Tuesday 25 Jun 02:00 Clear, clear sky013.031.95
Tuesday 25 Jun 23:00 Clear, clear sky013.632.64
Wednesday 26 Jun 02:00 Clear, clear sky012.652.68

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